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Jane Car Seats

 Jane also has a range of some of the safest and most comfortable group 0+, 1, 2 and 3 Car seats available. The Group 0+ Car seats are Koos Car seats that come in a wide variety of colours from a darker Maroon Red colour to the extremely soothing and mellow Moss Blue Car seat. There are a few colour sets of the Koos Car seat including Sea Blue, Scarlet, Cloud (A Dark Grey colour), Black, Atlantic Blue and Tile (Brown). 

All of the Car seats have an adjustable 3 point harness and padded pillows that support your little ones head, neck and back in the Car seat. They also have a ventilation system that guarantees permanent air circulation around your baby’s body and a storage compartment for any accessories or useful items you will need to take with you.
Some of the Car seats that are for sale online are made to be used as a Car seat, a Carry Cot and also a second seat on a Jane travel system.
There are also Car seats available for older children, from around the age of 3 up to 12 years old. They are produced solely for the use of a Car seat and are designed to support an older child with sitting comfortably and staying safe whilst sat in the car.

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