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Jane Rider Range

 The Rider range from Jane uses some of the most simple but effective features to make it one of the most effective and purposeful Push chairs on the current market. It has a plethora of different features including a uniquely designed, inverted ‘C’ shape streamlined chassis which makes pushing the Stroller much more simple as the rear axle has been removed, meaning that you don’t have to deal with hitting your ankles off the Push chair every other step.

Jane’s patented ‘Pro- Fix System’ makes disassembling the Rider a piece of cake – using a very simplistic locking system that takes no time at all to unlock and take off the Carry cot as well as allowing you to lock it back into place equally as quickly. No additional adaptors or extras are needed in the assembly/ dissembling of the Rider range of Push chairs and Travel systems.
Folding and storing the Rider could not be easier, no matter where you need to put it - with a brand new patented folding style that reduces the size of the folded Push chair by an extra 30%. It is made easier still with the extremely simple one handed unfolding process in which all you have to do is pull a single handle down until the Push chair has opened up.
The Rider is available as a Push chair, Strata Travel System, Matrix Travel System and also the Strata Transporter Travel System, all of which come in a choice of deep colours such as a sandy ‘Desert’ Brown and the beautiful ‘Atlantic’ Blue. The Travel Systems come with a Changing bag, Parasol and dedicated Car seat (Strata/ Matrix/ Transporter) included, which all come in the same colour as the Push chair.

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