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Broderie Anglaise Car Seat Footmuffs

Our collection of Broderie Anglaise car seat Footmuffs is the ideal product for parents who like a more traditional, old fashioned style and design to their baby’s wardrobe and accessories. They are made from the softest and most comfortable materials available and are made to the highest quality to ensure the best experience of use possible for you and your baby. We use 100% pure Cotton, making the Footmuffs free of any harmful chemicals that could irritate your little ones skin. The thickness of the Footmuffs make them perfect for keeping your little one warm in the cold weather, allowing your baby to stay comfortable and have a nap whenever they want to. They come in a selection of four different colours; White, Baby Blue, Pink and Cream and are made to be compatible with most 3- point and 5- point harness car seats. The colour description of the Footmuff includes the whole Footmuff, e.g. if the colour of the Footmuff is pink, the frilly lace Broderie Anglaise will be the same shade of pink. We cover a range of top brands including Cosatto and Maxi- Cosi. All of our Footmuffs are unisex and are suitable for your baby from birth, and because of the quality of the materials used and the standard of production make the Footmuffs a life- long companion. Our Footmuffs have more than one purpose- they can also be used as a car seat liner, by unzipping the Footmuff fully and folding it over on itself, it becomes an ultra- soft lining to the car seat. All of our Footmuffs are produced entirely in the UK.   


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