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Twin Pushchairs

Our range of Twin Push chairs and strollers are ideal for parents of twins or two young children as they are made specifically for more than one baby. Twin push chairs are designed to help parents of twins or more than one young child because they are practicality the best solution to the problem of watching over two children at once and traveling with them being safe and secure, allowing you to go to the shops or to town on the bus or through the doors at the medical centre etc. They incorporate the style of a double pushchair with twin seats and a wider wheelbase, but still rocking the design of a single stroller so you can fit through standard doorways and push the push chair around in public without causing any problems due to the size of the chair. For Your Little one stocks a range of twin strollers, including side- by- side seaters and multi tandem strollers like the Twone, ideal for a new baby and a toddler. All of the push chairs available are brand new and come with a changing bag, a large shopping basket area and individually specific features such as puncture proof wheels and one- touch hand brakes. Every push chair is also adaptable for a single or twin push chair, pram or travel system- all Jane push chairs and strollers have a removable seat that can be used as a car seat for your baby or can be replaced with a variety of infant car seats, carrycots and seat units in many different combinations, allowing you to find your own perfect configuration.   

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