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The safety of your child is so important that sometimes it’s unclear what the best products are to buy because there is so much out there to choose from. So we have brought together some of the most effective products to save hours of searching for what you need. We want you to be able to have peace of mind whilst out with or away from your child(ren), and hopefully our choice of products can help you achieve that.
Our new elasticated safety wrist link straps are perfect for going out with, as you can either keep hold of the strap to keep tabs of your child or attach it to a pushchair/ trolley to allow them independence to explore around them while knowing that they will not be able to wander off, so you can relax a bit more about the safety of your child in public. It is the simplest way to keep control of your child in crowded, busy places; keeping a boundary to how far your child can go away from you. They are lightweight but also very durable and incredibly easy to store. This is an extremely cheap and effective way of controlling your child in public. They also come in a selection of colours.
We also have night lights for when your baby can’t get to sleep in the dark. They are the ideal strength of light for your little one to be able to settle down and get to sleep without any issues. The colour changing lights with over 60 different colours will have your child drifting off to dreamland in no time at all, especially with the diffused light effect whilst changing colours. They come with different designs like the Disney- Planes themed light.
Shatter proof mirrors for the inside of your car while you are driving are brilliant for checking how your child is without having to lean over to the back of the car, as they are made to a wide angle so you can see the whole of the back seat easily. The mirrors are made with lightweight but sturdy materials, with an adjustable screen and large sucker pad for easy set up.
Swimming with your baby can also be a risky task, no more than when they go in for the first time. To keep them as safe as possible we have a range of Floats and Armbands to make sure they stay above the water. Our Armbands are made with top quality materials to prevent punctures and made to fit your child’s arms snugly, fitting 2 – 6 year olds comfortably. We’ve got floating thermometers for baths in different colours and some sleek and stylish swim nappies ranging from birth to 18 months.      

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