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Baby Parasols

Baby Parasols are perfect for the summer months where the Sun is as unforgiving as the rain or snow. They not only give your baby protection against the Sun and its UV rays on a boiling hot mid- summer day, but also shelter them from the rain should it start whilst you are out. They are only shower proof so will not protect your child in a storm. The Parasols come with a flexible frame, meaning that you can turn it round/ change its’ position to block the sun from your little one whatever direction it’s coming from. There are no difficulties with attaching and taking of the Parasol from the frame of your push chair as it simply clips on and pulls off; along with being compatible with many different brands and models of push chair, makes the baby Parasols one of the most useful and important pieces of equipment you could hope to have while out and about this summer. They come in a range of colours including a simple Black, light and dark Grey and different shades of red/ pink. You can use our Parasols with almost every leading push chair brand in the UK as they are made to be universally used and compatible with nearly every brand available.    

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