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Pushchair Footmuffs

Push chair Footmuffs are the perfect solution to the question “how do I keep my baby warm while out and about in the winter”. Our vast collection of thousands of state of the art Footmuffs is the only place you will need to look for your desired product; with many having a universal design and size to make them compatible with almost any brand and style of push chair/ stroller. Footmuffs are made specially to keep your little ones’ body warm whilst out in their push chair, acting like a sleeping bag for your baby in the chair. It can also be used as a lining to a car seat etc. by completely unzipping the Footmuff and folding it over to cover the seat.
A Variety of colour sets are available for most brands for Footmuffs from Black to Blue and Pink. Our brand new Footmuffs are made from the highest quality materials that are designed to last years and years, with a unisex colour range and style so you can comfortable choose the size, style and colour that best suits your baby. Our Footmuff assortment comes in age ranges also, starting at birth plus and the more universal birth to 24 month Footmuffs. We similarly have 6 month plus Footmuffs in case you decide to buy one after your baby has been born and want an added snug fit. 

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