Breast Feeding Maternity Nursing Pillow - Little Star Blue

Breast Feeding Maternity Nursing Pillow - Little Star Blue

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Breast Feeding Maternity Nursing Pillow - Little Star Blue

Give yourself extreme comfort when you are in your maternity months or ever you are a mother of a newborn baby and you are always in the position of breastfeeding your baby. This breastfeeding pillow is comfy and you can use it as a back support or as a cushion when your baby is sleeping. This top quality breastfeeding cum nursing pillow is the perfect option for you with its affordable price.

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Breastfeeding your little one to hours is now become easy with our super soft and comfy breastfeeding cum nursing pillow.

Being extremely versatile, you can use itg for your back support during your maternity months and also can be used as breastfeeding pillow when you tend to breastfeed your baby. It provides soft touch to you and your baby by its 100% cotton outer layer and filling with 100% polyester.

The compact and lightweight nursing cover gives your baby back support during night sleep or whenever he/she needs rest.

This organised breastfeeading pillow fits easily your baby body ensuring his/her extreme comfort and happy breastfeeding hours.

The footmuff has been designed with expertise that does not tumble anymore when you breastfeed your baby.

Beautifully crafted breastfeeding cover comes in soothing blue which is nice and cute. You can be happy as this has got 1 year warranty included. The high quality nursing cover is extremely durable.


Please Note:
This product is a FOR-YOUR-LITTLE-ONE branded product it has been expertly designed with our in house designers to be compatible with this item.We assure excellent quality and durability of use.

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