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Dots Breastfeeding Cover/Cape/Nursing Apron Dots Cream


A nursing breastfeeding cover is essential when you breastfeed  your little one so you can be unnoticed in the public domain. These white polka dot cream breast feeding cover adds exactly meets your requirement. The soft texture of the muslin is extremely delicate on your baby’s skin.

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    Our breastfeeding nursing apron come with a rigid neckline which is also delicate on your body. The neckline acts as a viewing window; allowing you to keep an eye on your suckling baby even while holding him with both hands. The polka dots on the cream surface gives perfect soothing look to it. This nursing cover is basically a loose fitting apron which gives comfort to you and your little one when feeding in public or even at home.The designs are unique and good looking enough that don’t make you feel like you are hiding your baby behind a giant table cloth.You  can carry it around at the bottom of your diaper bag and when feeding time you simply throw it on. These nursing covers are easy to clean as these are machine washable. You can completely cover your baby with the nursing cover. These nursing cover doesn’t allow air to circulate when breastfeeding, so your baby is safe from the dusty air. This ensurely allows your little one to get enough oxygen through the nursing cover. The durable materials are used for its long lasting use.

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    Barcode 0711463367356
    Machine Washable Yes
    Manufacture For-Your-Little-One
    Condition New
    Material 100% Cotton
    Colour Cream
    Brand To Fit Universal
    Weight Units KG
    Ebay Price 7.99
    Main Colour White
    Brand To Fit Babystyle
    Buggy Clip Style/Colour Large Buggy Clip Pink
    Colour Black
    Predominant Colour Black
    Deluxe Fleece Colour Red
    Footmuff Colour Black

    Maclaren is a registered trade mark of ARMON LIMITED

    Important fitting information must read before purchase
    Fitting Guide: 
    On the pushchair seat you will have a harness strap system that is made up of 2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps and 1 crotch strap that meet together at a central harness clip. This is a 5-point harness. Or you may have a 3-point harness system that is made up of 2 shoulder straps and 1 crotch strap. 
    This footmuff fits both a 3-point harness and a 5-point harness system. 
    The flat height of this footmuff is approximately 90cm, the width is approximately 40cm and the depth ‘pocket part’ where the child’s legs is approximately 50cm. 
    We recommend that this footmuff is suitable for up to 2 years of age, but it depends on the measurements of your child. Please check this. 
    This footmuff fits 99% of all pushchairs, we are aware that it is does not fit and Stokke range & Jane 2015 or newer models. 
    To attach the footmuff to your pushchair please see the following step by step guide:
    1. Undo all of the harness straps from the central harness clip
    2. Place the footmuff on the pushchair seat & position the footmuff at the height setting to suit your needs.
    3. Feed the harness straps through the back of the footmuff. 
    4. Reattach the harnesses to the central harness clip
    5. Ensure that your footmuff is secure and safe. 
    6. The footmuff is ready to use. 
    For your reference:
    - We have a YouTube video which shows how to fit a footmuff to a pushchair seat https://youtu.be/SCuZlCDZN90
    - The crotch strap is the strap between the child’s legs
    - A 5-point harness is 2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps, and a crotch strap. 
    - A 3-point harness is 2 shoulder straps, and a crotch strap. 
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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