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Dolls Moses Baskets

Dolls Moses Baskets

We have a selection of some of the most beautiful Dolls Moses baskets to make the first few months of your baby’s life as comfortable and safe as possible. The miniature Moses baskets will add a very traditional vibe to your baby’s bedroom set up, with the old fashioned Broderie Anglaise frilled design in a number of colours including White, Blue, Cream and Pink. 

There are also 3 different designs of Dolls Moses basket; the standard Broderie Anglaise Pod basket, the Butterfly and Sparkle Butterfly, all of which have varying frills and cushioning.

Some of the Pod baskets do not include a folding stand, while others have it come with them standard.

The excellent quality of the 100% pure cotton bedding on the Pod Moses basket allows your little one to have the most comfortable and relaxed sleep possible while they are still very young.

The stand, which is available either with the Pod Moses basket or separately, keeps your baby at a similar level to your bed, meaning you don’t have to strain yourself when picking them up out of the Moses basket