Muslin Squares 100% Cotton 70x70cm

Muslin Squares 100% Cotton 70x70cm

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Muslin Squares 100% Cotton 70x70cm

Muslin Square is a loosely-woven cotton fabric in a shape of a square. Air moves easily through for quick drying and has a soft touch.

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Our Muslin squares are very soft and very absorbent,100% Cotton and 70x70cm in size.

The Muslin Square is the most versatile item you can buy for you and your baby as it can be used as; Bibs, Reusable Wipes, Baby Blanket, Burping Cloth, Breast Pads, Breastfeeding Covers, Cleaning Cloth, Baby Towels, Bed Sheet Protector,For changing mat, Washing Cloth, Washable Nappies.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 70x70cm
  • Idea gift for newborn babies
  • wash at 40'C
  • Soft
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