Pushchair Raincover Compatible with Babylo

Pushchair Raincover Compatible with Babylo

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Pushchair Raincover Compatible with Babylo

The Raincover is sturdy and reliable cover that keeps rain and wind away from your child.

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Babylo is a registered trade mark of Babylo

During rainy days, the Raincover is a handy and efficient cover for your child. This raincover keeps children dry and comfortable during unexpected downpour with its 250-micron thick PVC material.

In addition to this cover's sun and rain protection, it also delivers effortless installation. After the sky clears up, you can fold and store the cover without breaking a sweat.

Key Features

  • Our PVC Raincovers has UVA protection and are 250 micron thick and not 180 micron normally used on cheap rain covers or plastic.
  • Made Compatible with the pushchair with ease and can be quickly put away when not required
  • Made from high quality PVC
  • Glass clear for excellent visibility
  • Extra soft, resistant to cracking in cold weather
  • Sturdy yet flexible for strength and durability
  • Large spacious interior for child's comfort
  • Gives protection from wind and rain
  • Fitted in seconds with no fiddly apron
  • Ensures adequate ventilation
  • Compact fold for easy storage
  • This cover requires the hood/sun shade to be fitted and up when in use.
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