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Footmuff / Cosy Toes Compatible with Britax Orange


Discover our selection of premium footmuffs - warm, cuddly, water and windproof. Chic designs, fit for all strollers. The  Footmuff / cosy toes compatible with Buggy Pushchair is  the combination of spring and summer footmuff. Keep your little one snug as a bug Beautiful quality, this snuggly little footmuff attaches to your pram or  stroller.

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    •   Soft Touch
    •   Top Quality
    •   Showerproof
    •   Converts To A Seat Liner
    •   Suitable From Birth
    •   1 Year Warranty Included!

    These luxurious yet safe and comfy footmuff is perfect for your little one when you are out or at home. They strap into the stroller and keep baby super-warm throughout the winter. These creatively designed footmuffs are water absorbent footmuffs, this footmuff will keep  baby warm. As these are cozy and comfy; keeps your baby warm and comfortable. This beautiful britax orange footmuff is smartly designed that won't fall off from the stroller and drag in the slush. The wind-resistant outer layer keeps your baby and toddler warm during winter days. Comes in Infant and Toddler sizes, they’re amazingly convenient to bundle your baby, without having to wrestle and fuss; it fits easily on your baby’s body and also doesn’t harm his/her soft skin. These footmuffs fit into most of prams and strollers as these are smartly designed.


    Please Note:
    This product is a FOR-YOUR-LITTLE-ONE branded product it has been expertly designed with our in house designers to be compatible with this item.We assure excellent quality and durability of use.

    More Information
    Barcode 0702565967438
    Machine Washable Yes
    Manufacture For-Your-Little-One
    Condition New
    Material Poly Cotton
    Colour Orange
    Weight Units KG
    Ebay Price 14.45
    Main Colour White
    Brand To Fit Babystyle
    Buggy Clip Style/Colour Large Buggy Clip Pink
    Colour Orange
    Predominant Colour Black
    Deluxe Fleece Colour Turquoise

    Britax is a registered trade mark of Britax Childcare Holdings Limited

    Important fitting information must read before purchase
    Fitting Guide: 
    On the pushchair seat you will have a harness strap system that is made up of 2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps and 1 crotch strap that meet together at a central harness clip. This is a 5-point harness. Or you may have a 3-point harness system that is made up of 2 shoulder straps and 1 crotch strap. 
    This footmuff fits both a 3-point harness and a 5-point harness system. 
    The flat height of this footmuff is approximately 90cm, the width is approximately 40cm and the depth ‘pocket part’ where the child’s legs is approximately 50cm. 
    We recommend that this footmuff is suitable for up to 2 years of age, but it depends on the measurements of your child. Please check this. 
    This footmuff fits 99% of all pushchairs, we are aware that it is does not fit and Stokke range & Jane 2015 or newer models. 
    To attach the footmuff to your pushchair please see the following step by step guide:
    1. Undo all of the harness straps from the central harness clip
    2. Place the footmuff on the pushchair seat & position the footmuff at the height setting to suit your needs.
    3. Feed the harness straps through the back of the footmuff. 
    4. Reattach the harnesses to the central harness clip
    5. Ensure that your footmuff is secure and safe. 
    6. The footmuff is ready to use. 
    For your reference:
    - We have a YouTube video which shows how to fit a footmuff to a pushchair seat https://youtu.be/SCuZlCDZN90
    - The crotch strap is the strap between the child’s legs
    - A 5-point harness is 2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps, and a crotch strap. 
    - A 3-point harness is 2 shoulder straps, and a crotch strap. 
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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